Monday, 7 September 2015


Hi guys…this topic might interesting for you…it’s about food!!!

Jeruk Madu Pak Ali – have you ever heard about it? I think most of people knew about it.

This Jeruk Madu Pak Ali located in Seberang Jaya near the big roundabout of Seberang Jaya. If you go to Penang it is a MUST place to go there.

This Jeruk Pak Ali no more small stall like the old days. It is more like a mini market full of pickle (jeruk) comes from various types.

Actually, here in  it is not only sell pickles. There are a lot of other local products also they sell – even souvenir.

Please see in the photos that I "curi - curi" took inside the market. Actually there are a lot of people inside there during that time. Why not! there are 2 buses that bring visitors stop by. Very packed inside...haha.

If you want to go to washroom – no worries. There at Jeruk Madu Pak Ali they provided a spectacular washroom (at least to me). Why? I’m not sure whether it is stainless steel or shining aluminium since I didn’t take a look up close. Malu la…hehe…I just took photo from a far only. I’m not a stalker OKAY!

Okay guys, if you planning to go to Penang I suggest you plan some of your time to visit Jeruk Pak Ali.

 Bye all…see ya!


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