Friday, 11 September 2015


Hahaha...hi all. Saja je wat tajuk camtu. It's past 2300 Hrs already. Haish...entry belum tulis lg for today.

Since it is Friday night I thought want to have a serious blogwalking. But in the end stuck with ONLY 2 blogs. 2 cute / sweet blogger. Sape tu? Hehe..biarlah rahsia. But something for sure - they're senior in blogging unlike me (newbie) & a gurl ALSO unlike me...hehe.

Being in this blogging world somehow makes me relieve from the sort of "engineering", "technical" thingy that make headache to whoever in the field. I'm really glad I found this new hobby even though it is a bit late to start compare to my age - sweet 27th...kikiki...27th la sangat! Being able to read all sort of writing from travels, foods, personal opinions regardless topics, creative ideas & etc makes me wonder...what have I archived in these past "few" years.

From the writing I can sense the joy on what they are doing. Wow! Good job guys (mostly gurls). You have opened me eyes into something that some I can imagine but too afraid to try. Ya la...most of the technical guys more influence to go to the technical / fact / measured / logical / calculative / etc things which I don't think too good to apply in daily lives. Sometimes thinking too much not good also. And it grows grey hair faster you know! kikiki...ada betul kaaa???

But, a path has been chosen. So live with it...I live with it...but I make my own way. It is not wrong to do both rite? Just require 2x harder. A person who try harder can get a little bit better than a person who try hard. But a person who try hard would be better than a person who never trying. hehe...pepandai je aku cakap. Baru je tepikir time tengah tulis tadi...hehe...

Okayla guys...mata da kelat2 teh-O-ais ni. Esok nak keje (weekend pon keje ka?) Bak kata my brother in law..."Bangla pon cuti weekend dek oii..!"...xpela...itu nasib Bangla huhuhu...

Bye all...see ya!


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