Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Hi all...seems da ramai blogger datang visit my blog so I'm so happy to tell you this story. It has been almost a month ago after my project sail out then I can have a break peacefully without any phone call regarding works. So I'm having this bercuti suka2 with my family.

Since we stayed in Penang, after watching Korean drama, we thought " jugak dapat mandi air panas ni". Kebetulan Pusat Rekreasi Air Panas Ulu Lengong not so far away from Seberang Jaya. Takes more or less than 1 hour travel.

Actually we plan to stay there. There are hotel / chalet provided. The price also very competitive. But unfortunately all of the chalet / hotel fully booked. So we decided to go there at night time. The fee only RM6 for adult. You can take bath for 24 hours if you want by paying RM6. The ticket valid for 1 whole day.

The facilities there quite okay for me. We arrived there around 9:30 PM. Not so many people so we can conquer the pool. There are various types of pools - and also different in heat. Ada yang panas & ada yang kurang panas or sesuai untuk pengunjung yang xberapa tahan panas. There are for kids also. But I have to remind if you bringing your kids please monitor them closely.

As for me, if you are visiting North area of our county Malaysia, you can spend some of your time visiting there. It is a nice place & without a doubt I will visit again with my family when we have a chance.

 Okay guys...that's all for sharing.

Bye all...see ya!


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