Monday, 17 August 2015


Ahh…it’s Monday again..!!! Why not every day is Sunday?

Do you have the same thought? Haha…same to most of us. But to think it on the other bright side, it’s just another day. Days full of the things that for us to create some good, bad, so-so, or whatever it is. It’s all memory that we can laugh on, hate or missed. But really hope that today is better from yesterday & today for better tomorrow.

Forget about it! It’s already Monday night & just few more minutes Tuesday is coming!!! Sooo late for writing...Hahaha…Hahaha..Hahaha…

I missed my kids & wife. Dunno what to do. They are so far from me or maybe I can say that I’m far from them. I don’t know how long anymore it will be like this. Hopefully it will end very soon. NOT until my little princess & prince not so little anymore.

Last weekend is the LONGEST weekend ever since I’m staying home hopelessly doing nothing important - ALONE. It’s almost 2 years we’ve been separate since I’ve counted. Very long…long enough.


I cannot write anymore, better call them before I fall asleep.

Bye all…see ya!


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