Friday, 21 August 2015


Hi guys...Dinner di mana hari ni?

Satay hawker style in Pasir Gudang (Air Biru) area. 1 of the most favourite place for satay.

I've tried the MOST famous satay in Johor Bharu which is Wak Radol. Have few branches  in JB but i'd still prefer this Satay Klasik.

They offer quite variation of satay but frankly speaking I haven't tried other than Satay ayam & Satay daging.

But I really love Satay daging. The moister after you bite the satay & the marinated spices you can feel inside your mouth. The soft texture of the meat you can easily feel and munch inside your mouth. Even kids also can eat the satay daging since it is so soft for your kid's teeth.

What makes it so great is the fat of the meat also grilled together with the meat. The juicy shining after grilled so tasty for the eyes. With the sweet smell makes your saliva running inside your mouth.

Can't wait to eat...haha..I'll post again the photos after I ate...bye then...

See ya...bye :)


  1. Ni yg kat area depan marrybrown tu kan? The 'fat' tu yg sedap. My all time fav as well.. Hew hew..

    1. Yup! Dkt foodcourt bwh merrybrown tu...nk mkn ayam penyet sblh dier tp ayam abes lak...mkn satay la haha...

    2. Adik aku ckp ada thai food best kat situ. Akak2 ke makcik2 masak.. Sedap.. Tp servis slow sket sbb dia sorg je yg masak..

    3. Huh?!katne?ada 5 kdai je rasenye...yg baru bukak tu ek?



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