Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Hi all…we meet again. Thank you for coming again. Hehe…

Remember yesterday I said want to call my precious before sleep? Luckily I got to speak to my precious princess. But unfortunately IT’S 0045 in the morning!!! Dear…papa mama have to sleep, tomorrow still need to wake up early for work…huhu…

But it was a relieved she talks to me A LOT even thought I am just “ermmm…ooo…ok” most of the time…haha… But it was very nice talking to her. Seems like all the boredom for the whole day gone like that.

It took almost half an hour talking to her & few times the phone disconnected. Dunno whose fault. But for sure I got scolded. Her lovely voice up, “Papa! Nape tutup tipon. Cica tengah ckp ni!”. I just replied “Sorry Cica, papa tetido”. Haiii…kids nowadays J

The most happiness can bring, before end call she said “Sayang papa, sayang mama, sayang adik” with soft lovely voice. I missed them so much. Sooo sweet & resulting I’m woke up late for work J.

Lot more to tell but I think I stop here for tonite. Just let yesterday’s sweet memories coming back today.

Bye all…see ya!


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