Sunday, 23 August 2015


Hi activity - PC reformat for my friend. It is better I do it rather than send to IT shop. For sure he has to pay at least RM50.

He helps me a lot in the morning to pick me up from main gate to the office. It took 15 minutes you know from the main gate to the office by walking. Fastest I can do 10 minutes. Good exercise for daily routine. Haha...

So, I tend to favor him this time. It took only maximum 1 hour to complete the reformat. Not too burden for me. I'm writing this while doing that. So, I missed nothing actually.

Actually at the same time I am drafting Love Story Part 4 - The Boy Meets The Girl for you all. I think it is quite nice but don't know yet. Maybe I just "syok sendiri". Who knows until it really shows right?

But I think it is quite interesting and can't wait to write it. Hopefully I can finish it by tomorrow for publish. Forgive me if it delay a little bit okay? Hehe...  (^.^")...

Okay guys...I think that's it for now. Thank you for reading.

Bye all...see ya!


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