Sunday, 16 August 2015


Hi hello everybody…this is my very first writing for this blog. Hopefully you are all will enjoy reading my writing.

Actually, it is nothing special, only to express my thought my feeling thru this writing. So that I can fill up my boredom and have a sharing moments & comments from you all.

This is first time I wrote in a blog. I also don’t know how to make a better blog. Hope you can understand & I promise you that I will improve the appearance of this blog, writing wise, info, etc.

Why LurveNerd?

Haha…this word came to my thought just so sudden before I created this blog. Maybe got a little carried out from “Chuck” – Nerd Herd. Have you seen them? You should though. It’s a nice sequence but the ending frustrated to me. But for some followers it’s a good ending.

Okay! Back to the question, “Why LurveNerd”?

Ermmm…its maybe I’d would like to share my thought about love or about heart related. Heart disease? Maybe. But I’m not a doctor or something. Yes, it is true but heart disease not only a doctor can cure. This disease already spread out beyond control. A disease that we can feel or see daily but we just ignored it. It is about LOVE that we are talking. Love towards family, close people or surrounding us, environments, our believes and what MOST important is √†love YOURSELF.

Feel free to like or not because it is based on my thought & experiences only. Remember, whatever I wrote might be right or might be wrong. But my principal is easy, there is no right or wrong in projecting our thought. It is only taking another path. Since every decision we make will lead to another path. Doesn’t matter which path we take, that is the best path for us. Take pride in it & strive for our target.

Oh..quite a lot I wrote. Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. Feel like some part of me relieve after wrote all this. Maybe I am also part of the people who have this disease. Haha…but it is true. Keep following me mate. I’ll write something again. I think it’s quite fun writing all this.

See ya!


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